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Are Seniors Happier Than Millennials?

Unhappiness and depression tend to be stereotypical traits attributed to seniors. Yet this doesn’t seem to be the truth, as Time talks about a research study that reveals young adults are less happy in life than their elders. Why exactly is this?

Stress, anxiety, and depression are more common amongst young adults in their twenties. The article continues to explain that these people, who are part of the generation known as Millennials, are entering the “real world”, facing bills, jobs, and taxes. Due to all this, their happiness levels are reportedly lower as they struggle with all life has to offer. Seniors, on the contrary, reap the benefits of advanced medicine that help their health more every day, and can enjoy the golden years. Their experience also typically allows them to “brush off the small issues” as Time explains. It should also be known that caregivers and their passionate work significantly adds to the happiness of seniors overall.

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